by Lenu

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released July 28, 2019

Bass: Michael Ruby
Drums: Gianna Olson
Guitar/vocals: Kevin Ruby


all rights reserved



Lenu Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: O Lord
What did Gucci cost when Biggie Smalls was buying it
Money from what to the top top supplying it
All deep but we're not all Leviathan
Hard sleep when your capo's the IMF

O Lord
Been dead before
O Lord
Been dead

Oh me the machines that are making em
Don't sleep when somebody's waking up
Morphine ain't what you been taking up
Call me when nothing just ain't enough

O Lord
Been dead before
O Lord
Been dead
Track Name: Jump Out Boys
Well them jump out boys they just can't get any work
Nothing that the city can do
And the kids down here they just eat candy and dirt
The mission says it's a shame but they knew
But in a dream, all in a dream
They just end up getting by
And the jump out boys well it can't get any worse
Looking up at the morning sky

Well you wait for the moment that you won't get hurt
That moment's gonna pass you by
You keep on running til you stop and you think that you're sure
Nothing's coming up behind
But then it seems it was all a dream
And you woke up in the night
And the kids can laugh but they know how it works
Cause they watch it every night
Track Name: Set Them All Free
Set em all free
See em up in the hills
I set em all free but baby
Now there's nobody else

They come back to me
See em in my eyes
They come back to me but baby
All I see is the sky

So they come back
Just so they come back
So they come back well baby
Well maybe I will
Track Name: Lines
Slow lines running
Running up your arms
Ain't this something
Ain't it all
Ain't it something, something we've seen before
We'll never die
We'll never die
Just spread out like the sea

Slow light coming
Flooding up the wall
Ain't this somewhere
Ain't it all
Ain't this somewhere, somewhere we've been before
We'll never die
We'll never die
Just spread out like the sea

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